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The DivaDog Tale

In August 2011, Hurricane Irene ravaged Vermont, leaving over two feet of water in my basement.  Boxes of wet fabric littered the basement, remnants of a time when I made baby quilts.  While washing the soft, flannel fabric, I was inspired to start making baby quilts again. I showed them to my friends who thought they were lovely, but after the fourth person asked “Can you make one for my dog?” DivaDog Quilts was born!  


Heidi Johnson, Owner – DivaDog Quilts


DivaDog Quilts are handcrafted in Manchester, Vermont of 100%  pre-washed cotton flannel with 100% dye-free and resin-free cotton batting. Stylishly reversible, the quilts have a dog or cat motif on one side and complementary fabric on the reverse. 


Each quilt is machine stitched on the edges, double stitched on the corners, and hand tied, to hold the layers in place.  DivaDog Quilts are machine wash & dry!  The flannel fabric picks up dirt and fur that would otherwise get on your furniture.  It also picks up lint from other items in your wash, so for best results wash your quilt separately in cold and dry on low. The quilts are also absorbent which helps with those wee accidents that happen.  Just like those PJs we wore as kids, your quilt will age gracefully and remain soft and warm!

Each DivaDog Quilt design is produced in small quantities. Some are one of a kind.  Something for every dog or cat. Designs and colors range from whimsical to classic.

DivaDog Quilts are made in two stock sizes:

Small - 30"x36"

Large - 36"x44"


Custom orders on request.


My family rescued our West Highland White Terrier, Josie, in 2007 when she was two years old. She brought us immeasurable joy during the wonderful 14 years that she was part of our family. She had plenty of "westietude" making her a constant source of entertainment and she appreciated her creature comforts.  Who better to be the face of DivaDog Quilts?

"Harriet has four DivaDog Quilts: one for the car, one for the beach house, one for Grammy’s house, and one in her bed."

- Susan, FL

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